Our Covid-19 Guidelines

● Give Into Dance will gather and hold contact information for any person attending our classes for at least 21 days in the case of contact tracing if needed.

● Students must agree to inform Give Into Dance if themselves or any one they are in contact with show symptoms of coronavirus.

● Give Into Dance will ensure anyone that has shown symptoms or been asked to isolate for 14 days will not attend.

● Give Into Dance will ensure any student that shows symptoms is asked to leave immediately and inform anyone that has come into contact with that person.

● All persons must observe 2m social distancing at all times:
IN and OUT of the venue floor markings.

IN - Left hand side of front door and
OUT - Right hand side front door.

● 14 student dance spots are provided in the large studio. Keep the distance when speaking to the teacher and to other students

● Wear a face mask before and after your dance class (before you start and after you have finished dancing)

● All students and staff must wash their hands on arrival and as regularly as possible. Particularly after using the toilet and touching their face.

● Where possible, windows and doors will remain open for ventilation.

● Students are met at the front door, led in by GID staff members, line up on the IN Floor markings (2 meters apart) and chaperoned into the studio, maintaining social distancing.

● Students are collected at the front door, led out by GID staff members, line up on the OUT Floor markings, maintaining social distancing.

● A parents waiting area has been created for more space outside the venue, for parents to see and collect their child after the class has finished.

● Students are to arrive no more than 5 minutes before their class starts and to line up on the IN floor markings.

● Parents & guardians must arrive promptly on the hour to collect the students; from the OUT floor markings and the parents waiting area markings.

● Parents are not permitted inside the building at this time. If you need to speak to Give Into Dance please contact via email or telephone for conversations.

● Students using the toilets should follow a one in/one out policy.

● At this time, students can only attend multiple dance classes with the same Give Into Dance teacher.

These conditions must be followed to ensure the safety of the students and staff. We wish to keep everyone at Give Into Dance safe and happy.